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23rd-27th August, live daily at 9:30am

Barre Cardio: The fastest, most graceful way to get lean and toned!

We are delighted to present our new Barre Cardio format: a 30-minute, high-energy, low-impact cardio format created by ex-ballerina and founder Chrissy Sundt! Experience the famous barre burn in a beautifully choreographed format that will get the endorphins rushing!

Five free classes with Chrissy at Silver Linings @ Home.
A week to make you move...and make you smile!

One workout a day, five days to begin your wellness journey with us…

Day 1

“Punch the air like you just don’t care”

We will be in punchy mood on the first day of this Barre Cardio series.  Grab a steady chair or work with your kitchen surface for some of the session and bring your inner ‘boxer’ to class!

(+ water, mat, trainers and a towel)

Day 2

“Hit the wall”

We will be using a wall or solid door for parts of the session so make sure you have somewhere to work where you can see the screen and enjoy the burn!

(+ water, mat, trainers and a towel)

day 3

“Criss-Cross will make you…”

Getting those inner and outer thighs super toned with lots of overcrossing whilst we also get you jumping (where appropriate) and keep your heart rate high!

(+ water, mat, trainers and a towel)

day 4

“Tuck it!”

Using our abs throughout the session to really work from the core and build up our stamina one tuck at a time! You will need a solid chair or surface to support you for some of the session.

(+ water, mat, trainers and a towel)

day 5

“Disco Cardio”

Bring your shiniest leggings and your best moves to the last class in the series (for now!). This is where it all comes together, and we really get the endorphins rushing.  The we take time to slow it all down with a 15-minute stretch sequence to round off the week. You will need a yoga strap or dressing-gown belt for the stretch sequence.

(+ water, mat, trainers and a towel)

If you are pregnant, recently post-natal or working with any major injuries, then this energetic class isn’t for you. You can find our waiver here.

However, we have tonnes of options for you on Silver Linings @Home, including beginner Pilates, Yoga, Pre/post-natal barre classes….so head on over to the site and start your free trial today!

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