How to set up your home studio

Here at Silver Linings @Home we want you to make the most of your time with us and setting up the ideal home training space means your sessions will be even more effective and enjoyable.

Here are our top tips:

Find a quiet calm space to roll out your mat.

For high energy sessions make sure you move the furniture aside so you have plenty of space to move freely.

For the more meditative sessions maybe dim the lights and light your favourite candle.

We recommend you set up the long side of your mat facing your screen and slightly on a diagonal. 

Its also important to raise the phone or tablet to chair height (perhaps supported by a book or cushion so it stays in place)

That way you will able to see everything clearly and enjoy every movement.

Whether you are viewing the session on a big screen, tablet or phone, please ensure you can see it when you are standing, seated and lying down so you don’t have to adjust it during the session.


If any additional apparatus is needed for your session then this will be listed on the website and your expert will mention them at the beginning of class.  These are all household objects that you can find and set up ahead of your session.

Our experts will be guiding you through each session ‘mirroring’ your movement.  So ‘left’ is your ‘left’ and ‘right’ is your ‘right’.  We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Some final reminders:

  • Always have water nearby so you stay hydrated.
  • Please switch off your phone or any notifications that might disturb your session.

Close the door and enjoy your session!

Remember…this is your space and your time to move, restore and thrive!